Egg Pasta

The New Nidi Emiliane Chef pasta nests:

The result of Barilla Foodservice’s experience in the catering sector, the pasta has been made using a select blend of durum wheat grains and 5 fresh, free-range hen eggs per kilo of flour. An Italian Chef Federation-approved, premium quality, traditional egg pasta, ideal for the catering sector.

The new Nidi Emiliane Chef pasta nests provide caterers (and their customers) with a host of benefits:

  • New textured pasta sheets: perfect for holding all the flavour of the sauce;
  • Firm-to-the-bite with a rich, wholesome flavour: crafted according to the age-old Reggio Emilia pasta making tradition;
  • A source of protein: 14.5 g in every 100 g of pasta;
  • Rapid service: quick-cook pasta in just 6-7 minutes.

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