15 April, 2013


For Barilla, egg pasta is an art that is now available to Chefs everywhere.

Made from the best durum wheat semolina and 100% fresh free-range eggs: the result is Barilla Emiliane Chef, the pasta range inspired by the traditions of the Emilia Romagna region, and specially conceived for the catering trade.

Barilla Emiliane Chef products show the more classic special egg pasta in our culinary tradition in a new light: 5 high quality fresh eggs per kg of semolina, wheat selected at the origins and a careful production process are the elements that guarantee no loss of consistency during the cooking process, rapid preparation times and an excellent appearance and taste to the dish on your table.
The Emiliane Chef Range:
- new, even wider range of Egg Pasta in the various segments: Long pasta in Nests, Oven and Special Cuts
- new graphic identity, both for the outer packaging and for the sales units
- packets with dedicated graphics and EAN code, which can be sold separately

The characteristics of the products:
- improvement in quality of the Emiliane Chef Garganelli and the Egg Lasagne
- better resistance during cooking
- reduction in cooking times and therefore also in the preparation times for the final dish

Barilla Emiliane Chef, the tradition of Emilia Romagna brought to the table in your restaurant.