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Hotel and B&B

Barilla helps Chefs in Hotels and B&Bs to serve dishes that make their guests feel even more special. A product range that includes Dry, Whole wheat, Selezione Oro Chef, and Egg pasta, various Condiments such as tomato-based Ready-made pasta sauces in brick and Pestos in pouches, in addition to Flour and Semolina. Soft breads and Breadsticks are a tasty accompaniment to lunches and dinners. Barilla proposes Nastrine and mono-portion Golden Crispbreads for breakfast time and Sweet Snacks for moments of relaxation. The Frozen range includes tasty Ready Meals and Dry, Egg and Filled Pasta to serve with multi-portion Sauces.

Pasta and Flour

Pasta Catering

Whole Wheat Pasta

Egg Pasta

Catering Nests

Flour and Semolina

Ready Sauces

Red Sauces in brik

Pestos in Pouches

Frozen Products



Ready Meals

Snacks and Crackers

Sweet Snacks

Soft Snacks




Soft Breads