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Canteen and Catering

Barilla is the perfect partner offering top quality raw materials at the right price to Canteen and Catering kitchens. A complete range of products, spanning from the classic ingredients of the Italian-style first course, which are Pasta of Durum Wheat Semolina, Whole wheat and Egg pasta, Flour and Semolina, to condiments such as tomato-based Ready-made pasta sauces in brick and Pestos in Pouches. The Ambient products are joined by the Frozen range, composed of Ready Meals and Dry, Egg and Filled Pasta shapes that can be used with multi-portion sauces. Breadsticks and salted Crackers in mono-portions complete the range.

Pasta and Flours

Pasta Catering

Selezione Oro Chef

Whole Wheat Pasta

Egg Pasta

Flour and Semolina

Ready Sauces

Red Sauces in brik

Pestos in Pouches

Frozen Products



Ready Meals

Snacks and Crackers

Savoury Crackers

Bread and Rusks