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Service and Taste are the characteristics of all the Barilla products offered to the Bar and Travel Catering channel. Mulino Bianco Soft Bread products can be used as bases for excellent sandwiches or for bruschettas and snacks with Pestos in pouches and tomato-based sauces packaged in brick as toppings. To these we can add the Frozen products, which are available in mono-portion packaging: Pasta, sauces and Ready Meals ready to reconstitute in water, in the pan or in the microwave. PastaCup, to be finished in the microwave, is the ideal solution for an excellent, quick-to-serve pasta dish with sauce. The sweet range on offer includes mono-portion products such as Ringo, Cerealix, Baiocchi, Pavesini, Pan di Stelle, Gran Cereale and the Mulino Bianco Nastrine snack. Gran Pavesi is the brand Barilla uses for its savoury snacks.

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