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Barilla. The Italian Food Company. Since 1877.

«We help people to live better, bringing a sensation of wellness and the joy of eating healthy, tasty food to their lives each day.»

Founded in Parma in 1877 and originally a shop that produced bread and pasta, today Barilla is one of the leading food groups in Italy, the leading pasta manufacturer in the world and the top ready-made pasta sauce producer in mainland Europe. It is the leader for bakery products in Italy and crispbread products in the Scandinavian countries.

For almost 140 years, the Company has been guided by the business experience of a family that has now reached its fourth generation, with brothers Guido, Luca and Paolo.

The Group employs 8,300 people, including 4,500 who work in Italy, and it generates a turnover of around 3 billion euro. Barilla has 30 production sites: 14 in Italy and 16 abroad. Pedrignano is the largest pasta production facility in the world: it produces 150,000 kilometres of spaghetti, enough to stretch four times around the World.



In Europe around 33% of the value of Food&Beverage products sold is consumed by people Dining Out*. In Italy around 105 million meals a day (24%) are served to consumers Dining Out**.

As Market Leader, Barilla also intends to introduce its tasty, well-balanced food model to the Dining Out Channel, in keeping with its usual objective: meeting the nutritional requirements of consumers as effectively as possible.

Barilla FoodService is a line of food products for Professional use, which facilitates the work of the Operators in the HoReCa sector and also allows Consumers to benefit from the quality of Barilla products when Dining Out.

Indeed, since the end of the nineties, Barilla has decided to extend its range to the world of Professional Foodservice by launching new specifically designed product ranges under the most famous and well-loved brands in Italy: Barilla and Mulino Bianco.

Today, various local versions of the Barilla FoodService product range are available in almost one hundred nations, offering Barilla quality to professionals in restaurants, hotels, bars, food chains and the vending sector.

* Source: Eurostat and BEA 2011
** ad-hoc Nielsen Consumer Research for Barilla 2009 (CCL)



Barilla is fully committed to spreading the culture of nutrition and to promoting the goodness of traditional Italian food.

In 2009, this commitment led to the establishment of the BARILLA CENTER FOR FOOD & NUTRITION, a center for thought and proposals based on a multi-disciplinary approach that aims to share knowledge regarding nutrition and food topics.

In 2010 the BCFN conceived the Double Food-Environmental Pyramid model, which relates the nutritional aspect of foods to their environmental impact.


Good for You means that Barilla is committed to producing a range of products that are tasty, safe and nutritionally sound. This means offering products that helps consumers feel healthy, enjoy what they eat and stay well in the long term.

With this in mind, Barilla has always followed the principles of the Mediterranean Diet and designs its products so that they are increasingly in line with this Model.

Good for the Planet means that Barilla is committed to constantly reducing the environmental impact of its products, from the Field to the Consumer. Not only by improving the cultivation, production and distribution processes, but also by informing and educating consumers to be responsible.

Here too, the principles of the Mediterranean Diet come in useful: indeed the products at the base of the Food Pyramid are those that more often have the least environmental impact



The Barilla FoodService Portfolio covers various ranges of products and categories, all characterised by a high quality of raw materials, the fact that they are extremely easy to prepare and their ability to reduce the processing costs in the kitchen: three aspects that are particularly important for those in the professional foodservice business.

A complete range of products from Pasta of Durum Wheat Semolina to the Whole wheat, Gold Selection and Egg varieties, and condiments such as tomato-based Ready-made pasta sauces in cartons and the various Pestos in Pouches, in addition to Flour and Semolina.

The Ambient products are joined by the Frozen range, composed of Dry, Egg and Filled Pasta shapes that can be used with various mono and multi-portion sauces, in addition to tasty Ready Meals such as Lasagne, Cannelloni and PastaCup, the solution for pasta “on the go”.

These Italian-style pasta dish solutions for Foodservice are complemented by the Bakery range, including Mulino Bianco Grissini (breadsticks) and Pavesi Crackers in mono-portions.

Furthermore, the Barilla Dining Out range also contains Mulino Bianco Nastrine and mono-portion Fette biscottate Dorate (Golden Crispbreads) together with Wasa Fette Croccanti (Crunchy Slices), for the various requirements of Breakfast in different Foodservice contexts.

Finally, the available Bakery Categories are completed by various sweet products under the Grancereale, Mulino Bianco, Ringo, Cerealix and Pavesini brands, offering consumers many different opportunities to enjoy a nutritious, tasty snack.


The objective of the range of Barilla Frozen FoodService pasta and pasta sauces is to optimise the operator's working time, even when he is not specialised in preparing food, and to reduce the amount of ingredients wasted.

This enables kitchens to optimise the total food cost of the served dish, as this method generates greater efficiency in the kitchen, less waste and more Customer satisfaction at the end of the chain due to the speed of the Service.

This is possible due to the fact that the various types of pasta (dry, egg and filled) are pre-cooked in salted water and immediately IQF (Individually Quick Frozen): this enables the pasta cooking process to be finished in hot (but not necessarily boiling) unsalted water in a period of time that varies from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the shape.

But pre-cooked dry pasta (e.g. Spaghetti, Fusilli, Pennette, Linguine) or filled pasta (Ravioloni, Girasoli, Fagottini and Tortelloni) can also be prepared using other easy processes: heated in a pan, in the microwave or also in a steam oven.

And Barilla Foodservice frozen sauces are the perfect combination of quality and speed: 11 recipes chosen from those that consumers love best, available in 500g packets, easily defrosted in the microwave or steam oven within 5 minutes.

The Barilla Foodservice Ready-made pasta sauces are frozen when freshly made, contain no preservatives or artificial colouring agents and are divided into 3 foodservice ranges: the more Simple sauces, Tomato Sauce and Arrabbiata; the Gastronomic Sauces, which include recipes with Mushrooms, Vegetables, Amatriciana and a traditional Bolognese sauce; and last but not least, the Rich sauces, or rather our 4 Cheeses, Carbonara, Salmon and Pesto Genovese sauce with basil, and Sicilian pesto with ricotta cheese and walnuts.

In terms of packaging, Barilla FoodService offers 3 different formats: the 1kg packet, for Catering and Banqueting, the 500g bag for Quick Service restaurants and the Mono-portions for Bars and Hotels.